The true Purpose of Education 4.0 is to build professionals for Industry 4.0

The story of most of the students and professionals are exactly the same. After high school students go to university so they can have a degree and can also spend 4 years to get old enough to get a certificate to show for having a regular job. Here during that period those students seat in a class room in front a teacher who teach though power point slides and book. 

And after working few years, professionals think he or she needs to move forward the career, so they apply for an MBA or master degree for a filed. Most of the case this degree is in intensive mode on week or at evening classes. And here the same approach that period those professionals seat in a class room in front a teacher who teach though power point slides and book. 

Well this is working this approach year and years but

Did you notice here is a common issue on this approach?

The process in learning really slow, because those classes students and professionals are getting a lot of information but they still don't really know how to transform those to a knowledge. Well they are doing presentation but we all know how easy to make a presentation look amazing as it based on a unreal or make up project.

There is a lot of people talking about this but end of the day they end up creating similar kind of university, institute or academy. Another big group of people are talking about Education 4.0 but showing as an intensive use of technology in teaching and learning with expansive set like - AR, VR etc. But

The true goal of Education 4.0 is not to sell expansive technology to educational industry but Education 4.0 is to create professionals with right skillset which are required in industry 4.0 environment.

This to ensure after graduation as professional they can become productive for industry in a very short period of time and grow their career moving forward. 

So Let's dont use Education 4.0 just as a product or an opportunity to sell technology, let focus on the right purpose of this. 

Only IoT is really new, and with a range of new technologies about to hit the enterprise such as Edge computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the World Economic Forum says

There could be 133 million new roles about to be created.
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