The Use of VSHR Pro ManagerX

Lesson 1: 10 Tips for your Management Skill

This lesson will provide you with more detailed information on how to have more effective management skills. Management skill is an important skill to learn because this can help improve someone's leadership skills, initiative skills and creative skills. ManagerX provides a comprehensive summary to help anyone willing to improve their inner managerial skills.

Lesson 2: Work Like a Pro from home

ManagerX also covers information on how to optimize one's ability to work from home. In our current situation, this has become more prevalent. Therefore, it's become more critical to learn more tips on working at home and avoiding distractions. Learning how to work from home more effectively will increase your employees' likelihood of becoming more productive and achieving more things. Thus, this is important training to have.

Lesson 3: Your Meeting is your Management Tool

In this training, your team will be trained on properly using their meeting time and turning it into a management tool. Your team will learn how to be resourceful and creative. This will also allow them to expand their understanding of new management tools.

Lesson 4: Use Tool to Boost Focus & Productivity

ManagerX emphasizes boosting your team's focus and productivity. To do so, we have developed some tools and shared more tips on increasing someone's productivity in this day and age of distractions and anxiety.

Lesson 5: Recruit Right People for Your Team

ManagerX also provides training and tips about the right way of recruiting people. This is an essential skill to learn because the people you have in your company will impact your company's goals. MangerX is an expert in providing people advice and, based on experience, how to recruit the right people representing your company's specific values and work ethos.


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