The vision and belief for creating Genius Upskill Scholarship Program

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

We always believed, there are many people in the community, who also want to do do something to help other people in to the community, particularly to help the people who really need help. Youth should be a biggest part of that. But they need the support, inspirations and skills as well to transform their that wish to a reality.

Then we saw a vision to create more social heros, champion make that transformation happen. Then from that vision we created this a completely new type of scholarship program named - Genius Upskill program. We had many challenges, limitation, hard work to design, launch, selection, kick off, deliver one after one planed workshop, evaluation etc. We put our heart, brain in this program.

We constantly did our regroup and debriefing session among our Genius Upskill program team members to ensure, ur program can really give you an great experience, skillset, inspiration and meet the purpose which we always dreamed about.

Now after delivering the complete program of season 2018, when we listen your words, appreciations we can forget our all hard works and those give us the bigger passion, energy to do more for you all. Now all we want you to share those skills to the community and help the people, support their problem so they can have a better life.

The season 2018 is almost finished, but all the scholars, VSHR and Genius Upskill Program relations is not over. We invite all the scholars to join our program team and be the program office, trainer for season 2019. So let's get ready for the next steps for our relationship !!

For the readers, who don't not know about Genius Upskill Scholarship program, Don't waste your time, apply now here

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