The Vision and Belief of VSHR career Center. Why? Because we CARE!

The vision and mission of VSHR Career Center to ensure by 2030 every Vietnamese professionals have career development support and students grow up with right career advice, support to enter the Vietnamese workforce. More details is here

LOOKING for a job ? Follow or contact our VSHR Career Center.

Not because we are amazing. We are ordinary. But with a passion to help and network we make a difference for you -

because we sincerely care.

Because we share your resumes and job postings, because every time one of you gets a job, we feel so happy.

And because we all care,

all our network, we are working to make positive changes in the hiring process. For those who are over 30, those with no experience yet, and for those with employment gaps.

And for everyone else who just needs that fair chance!

If you are not planing your career then more older you then Job search become more stressful and emotionally draining. Nobody should go through that.

We support job seekers posts because it is the right thing to do, it is what kind people do. It takes a second to put a like on someone post, but it may change someone's life - hopefully yours !

NOBODY can help EVERYBODY but EVERYBODY can help SOMEBODY. Come and join us as employers, job seekers, mentors etc.
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