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Working at a foreign company will teach you many things?

Choosing a foreign company will improve the language skill?

Like foreign companies because everyone is open, friendly and dynamic at work?

However, the most important thing is that you must know clearly whether your capacity, personality and working style are really suitable for that business and whether the value of your work is reflected in the business or not!

So the thing to note when applying and foreign companies is…?

Select company

Choosing a foreign company is definitely a decision that you have thought about for a long time before making, so the simplest way to know if you are really suitable, you should answer:

Is the job position they are looking for right with the industry you are choosing?

Is it worthy of your ability both in terms of position and salary?

Is their corporate culture a good fit for you? This is very important because each foreign business has different values ​​and concepts of work. If it doesn't feel right, consider changing.

Write your CV

Please create your CV in English or the language required in the employer's job description. Note basic points such as grammar, how to use vocabulary in the most professional way. More specifically, in the cover letter, you should clearly present and introduce yourself, your passion, work spirit, vision, and future career direction.

Foreign language ability is also shown most clearly in this section, so be as polished and professional as possible.

Have a clear career goal

A clear career goal is the factor that helps you know what you need to do, how to try to achieve the set goal. You will not be able to convince the employer when you do not have goals and objectives to cling to, especially in a competitive and pressurized environment at a foreign company.

Moreover, knowing your career goals clearly will also help you decide if the company is really suitable for your future plans.

Determination and willingness to learn

When applying to a foreign company, you need to have determination and perseverance in the face of challenges and difficulties. In a multicultural environment, even more effort is needed in the process of improving language skills, and trying to learn about the culture of colleagues when necessary to build closer relationships. . A willingness to learn is important.

Quick adaptability

Adaptability is a skill that helps you adapt and adapt quickly to change. This is even more true with the extremely dynamic, highly competitive multinational company environment. Right from the internship, the company has asked you to be able to quickly adapt to the job when taking on the work of a real employee. Moreover, the differences in language, culture, working style in multinational companies also force you to be able to adapt quickly.

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