Tips For Generating More Traffic And Leads

Generating leads and traffic has been challenging for most marketers, but it is a top of priorities for many companies. This article will introduce tips that help you plan a marketing strategy to boost your traffic and convert it into sales.

1. Great content

When we are starting a website, we should be aware that pretty sites won't sell things. Words sell things. And if the message hasn't been clarified, the customers won't listen. By building a buyer persona and writing content based on that, you aim to hit the center of the target. Your content should evoke their pain points, give your business's solution to fix that problem, and don't forget to use keywords to ensure it is easy to find by the search engine. Every content takes effort, so make it matter more by give a compelling call to action for the conversion. Moreover, you can apply your content to many different types, such as video, professional graphics, and infographics, to engage your audience experience, leading to more qualified leads.

2. Be a filter and then hone your target.

You can try to attract everyone from the online world, but it's not the right way to run a business. It would be best if you focused on the right people. Instead of trapping as many people as possible, you can filter wrong-insight customers. It does not only save time and money but also converts more marketing qualified leads. B2B companies can define their target customers as specific as possible, drilling down to a detailed list of companies or individuals. After that, you can implement your strategy to develop deep relationships by providing valuable content and solution for your prospects.

3. Tactically tailor your company messaging and story.

If you can not tell your brand story compellingly and emotionally on your website within 10 seconds, then it's hard to get any leads. Tailoring your crucial message and improving it day by day within a call-to-action, when people understand what you sell, which match what they want, they are becoming your likely consumer.

4. Build personable and robust marketing and sales team

Remember that AI and digital platforms just replace your manual workforce, but too many companies rely on data and "growth hacking" digital marketing tools, hoping all leads will come from these magic tools. The companies need to build solid and personable marketing and sales team that knows how to clarify your business's message so customers can listen. And they are the critical element to coordinate all activities to engage with prospects.

5. Deliver a strong customer experience

Visitors don't care about how challenges you face to generate traffic and leads. They just see how well a brand meets their needs and wants. Delivering and implementing all customer-centric marketing campaigns with honesty and attention, your customers will drive your traffic and leads for you by telling others how great you are.


Forbes (2017)

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