Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Webinar

Webinars are amazing tools. Why? Because they bring people together from all aspects of life and offer many opportunities for reaching potential customers and captivating large online audiences. Follow these five so that you can get the most out of webinars!

1. Tailor webinar to target audience

Take the time to think about the purpose of webinar by asking questions “What do you want to get out of this webinar?”, “What do your attendees want to get out of this webinar?”. The only way you’ll leave a lasting impression is if you understand your audience. Decide and do some research about what audience you’re targeting. This will allow you to bring relevant information, content, examples, and talking points that make sense.

2. Determine type of webinar

After identifying goals and target audience, it time to figure what type of webinar best suits for your purpose. Below are some examples of 2 types of webinars:

Educational Webinars

This is the most common webinar format. The educational or instructional webinar the one which show audience how to do something. You have to figure out the target audience’s fear or paint points are and show them steps how to solve their problems. These webinars are best when you also allow for some form of audience participation, such as a Q&A or live polling.

Q&A Webinars

A questions and answers webinar means that the host gets to interact directly with their audience during the webinar. Q&A webinars give a great opportunity to connect with clients, prospects, and other regular attendees because they involve attendees asking questions of panel experts. These events are relatively easy to host because they don’t require much preparation for this type of webinar.

Panelist Discussions

Panelist discussions is basically a discuss specific topic amongst a selected group of experts who share their perspective in front of the audience. The experts will provide information as well as insights so that the audience can learn from their sharing. There is a possibility that panelists will drive more attendee promotion by sharing with their own audiences and followers.

3. Determine webinar logistics

Once you’ve picked your format, make sure that you have a plan, set clear expectations and follow that plan. You also need to consider the webinar platform you’ll use that best match for engagement and interaction as well as your budget. It’s very important to rehearse your webinar such as audio, video or Internet connection.

4. Promote webinar

If your audience doesn't know about your webinar or isn't excited about the topic, they won't sign up. Using multi-channel promotion is good for most marketing campaigns and webinars in particular. To engage attendees before your event, your promotional messages, such as social posts or emails, can ask for people to submit their questions or comments beforehand.

5. Help webinars published

After the event, you can collect information about your event and turn it into blog posts, eBooks, infographics, and other promotional formats that suit your organization’s needs.

By VSHR Digital Media


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