Tips to vastly enhance your productivity by adopting the right time management method.

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Each of us all has only a certain amount of time to spare on a seemingly never-ending workload. It will only seem never-ending when you refuse to put efforts into sketching out how you want to allocate your tasks into the limited amount of time you have at the office.

Without a sense of time management, your day could end up in a total state of chaos:

  • You don’t know which task to prioritize and missing deadlines as the result

  • You get caught up in urgent tasks during your essential tasks’ time slots

  • You feel physically drained and mentally frustrated due to the lack of productivity at the end of the day even though you are burnout due to overwork.

  • You mixed up the meetings schedule

And the list goes on. With these issues in mind, we just have to admit the imperative of time management skills and how mastering it will bring a great sense of balance and control into your work life.

Tip #1: Determine your goals

This might sound like a truism, a very cliche saying that you see in every productivity-related article. However, its prominence speaks for itself since having a clear vision of what you seek to accomplish will enable you to proceed with setting out priorities as well as making better decisions on the fly.

Within a certain time frame, figuring out and tackling top priority tasks is of great importance in elevating your productivity because it will prevent you from getting distracted by less important activities.

Tip #2: Adopt suitable scheduling methods

There are myriad options of scheduling methods for you to take on today ranging from time-blocking, pomodoro technique to polyphasic sleep method. One thing these methods have in common is that they encourage you to be aware of your time and use it in a rational manner.

There could be a discrepancy between your subjective time and reality. Figuring out a more realistic way to perceive time could stop you from engaging in time-wasting activities and work more efficiently in allocated time slots.

Tip #3: Block out distractions

When you are done making a concrete plan or schedule, the hard part starts now when you have to start sticking to it. The main sources of distractions often come from instant messages, the phone ringing, and colleagues approaching.

Switching off your phone has never been an easy option, especially when every piece of news seems more accessible at the tips of your finger than ever, the fear of missing out could kick in when you trying to go on a tech-detox during working hours. If you want to see changes and improvement in your productivity, you have to start doing that as well as learn to say no to your colleagues when things are getting overwhelming for you.

Tip #4: Don’t get hung up on small or trivial details

Perfectionism could do great damage to your productivity since it keeps you behind on your schedule and creates an extra burden on you. Start looking at the big picture and approach your task from a more adaptable viewpoint. Instead of spending extra time on the production stage, you could expedite so that we could have more room for reviewing and refining the work


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