Top 10 teams of Vietnam's Amazing Student season 2019

Big Congratulations for the teams for Vietnam's Amazing Student Contest season 2019.

John Masud Parvez, Chairman of Vietnam's Amazing Student said -

I myself and VSHR team vision to have a better Vietnam for everyone through sustainable development. And you, you are all young and together, I am sure that will happen. That's why we design, built and running this Vietnam's Amazing Student contest.

This was been a very exciting and very eventful last 3 - 4 months to support, connect, inspire and develop the project - teams. But every time we see your projects, your passion, your interest to solve problem, we got more excited and put more our effort to support you, guide you and inspire you.

Now after the first round project development, we are so happy to announce the top 10 teams of season 2019.

Talking House, The Tuna, The Turtles, Timekeepers, Flames, Healthy Little Owls, PAPAYA, Sunshine (Drugs), Fairies Team, AMR

All these teams will have the direct entry (WILDCARD) to Social Development Factory 2019! On social development is a great opportunity for all those to connect their project with different fund/companies to get their support and upscale the positive impacts of their projects.

To now more SDF, how was SDF 2018? have a look here For up coming season, It will be around July 2019 at RMIT University!

We also have the list for the top teams who are being selected for Vietnam's Amazing Student final round in hand, the list will be formally announced in Social Hub on 5th May 2019. The final round will be organized at RMIT University, Have a look the venue of the Vietnam's Amazing Student Final round

Thinking about how was the Vietnam's Amazing Student season 2018's final round? Have a look here

All the best, looking forward to see you all soon!

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