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According to research, human capacity consists of two parts: the floating part and the sinking part. In which, the floating part accounts for 10% - 20%. Meanwhile, the sinking part accounts for 80%-90%. That is the way of thinking, behavioral characteristics, career preferences, job suitability…

Therefore, many organizations now conduct quality tests for businesses to accurately assess the candidate's ability, and 5 of the most important competencies include:

Sharp thinking

Helps to achieve high efficiency in work, study and daily life. Save time in the process of handling work, unexpected problems.


It is creativity that keeps your business moving forward with new ideas and innovations. This includes more than new products or services, it includes streamlining efficiency and productivity. Any job position requires creativity to thrive.

Flexibility in perception

Flexibility goes hand in hand with rapid adaptation. A person who has the ability to like fast will reduce the pressure in work, adjust in time mentally and physically to ease no matter how difficult it is.

Logical reasoning

Although there are machines and technology to support, logical thinking will help you come up with appropriate solutions, thereby coming up with new and creative ideas, a great support in solving problems despite big or small. This not only brings great dedication to the business, but also an extremely good basis for personal development.

Stay healthy

Not only being a worker, manual labor requires a healthy body. Fitness is needed for office workers who work day and night in front of a computer, use their brain for a long time, and even execute big strategies that have to reduce the time to rest. At this time, only when our physical strength is good and we know how to balance our body state, so we have the energy to complete the assigned work.

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