Traffic Generation vs. Lead Generation

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

As a business, it's smart to have a critical strategy focused on both traffic generation and lead generation since each of them plays a vital role in converting new leads, customers, clients, and sales deals but has different approaches.

1. What is traffic generation?

Most of the marketing and advertisement always include an essential goal on the internet, and that is for traffic generation. Traffic, in the internet platform, means the total number of visitors accessing your website or blog to looking for something can answer the questions, concern or satisfy their needs. More traffic generation means more visitors that can potentially turn into prospective business customers. The higher volume of traffic you gain, the more extensive possibilities of promoting your business and selling products that lead to traffic conversion. Therefore, the visitors who get into your websites can transform into potential customers, clients, leads, and subscribers.

And, how to improve your traffic generation?

People need reasons to visit your website, so there are many ways to optimize your site in order to drive more traffic and turn it into high-quality leads.

  • Original content: Write down content created by your own effort based on your genuine professional knowledge and experiences. Original content is unique, and it needs to tie all the other pieces of your marketing strategy together. If you regularly publish a blog, video, or any content marketing, you should also spread it into other social media platforms, emails, or running ads.

  • Social media: A few years ago, since digital transformation is still an initiative, social media seems to be avoided because of sensitive factors relating to public communication, but today there's no reason to fear compliance.

  • Search engine optimization: It's essential to optimize your content in every first step of building a website, ensure that what you write reflects what you do, and deliver value that fits your target audience. Content is king, and customer-centric content is a weapon to intimate and attracts your potential customer. Valuable content serves the need of customers, so whenever someone searches for what you have, your site with the necessary message will have more possibility to rank in the first search engine result page.

  • Paid digital ads: If you have a social media account, you should consider running a digital advertising campaign. Digital ads like a powerful tool that helps your company target every specific audience with cost-effective more than most paper ads. Best of all, the provider has optimized it to assist the business set up digital ads in only a few minutes and allow you to control the spending.

  • Email marketing: This tool allows you to connect with a targeted list of potential customers. Email is a great way to communicate with likely consumers intimately day by day and help your firm at the forefront of prospects' minds.

2. What is lead generation?

The increasing of competitors and information abandoned make marketing implementation becomes more complex. Hence, the businesses have to be active in widening the mouth of the sales funnel to attract more potential leads. Lead generation refers to the process of stimulating and capturing interest in products or services in order to nurture likely consumers until they're ready to buy. Lead generation works on both B2C and B2B spaces, but it's not easy since some companies see it as a pain point in their marketing strategy. Determining qualified marketing leads is quite complex, but it's worth if you don't want to waste time cold calling unqualified audiences when there're many ways to narrow down the pool. But it's crucial to know that running a lead generation tool or campaign won't do the magic work of flooding your inbox with clients who genuinely need what you sell. You need to bring traffic to your website first.

And, how to improve your lead generation?

  • Build purpose-driven landing pages with a single call-to-action: A landing page gives you opportunities to narrow the customer pool by key messages. If you have an established niche or build specific buyer personas, you can be based on those to approach and appeal to a broader audience. Additionally, you should drive your entire message into a call-to-action, such as "Let's have a talk."

  • A lead generation database: Running and tracking need to happen simultaneously. As lead has come, you will need a database for storing and analyzing to evolve the better nurturing approach. While the firm can do it manually, it's better to consider using an automated system if you want to scale your effort since digital marketing has developed astonishingly to assist humans.

  • Lead engine analytic: It can help you partly evaluate how much you have invested in your lead generating activities versus the achievement and then be able to track return for a more effective marketing strategy. But, you also keep in mind that targeting lead is just a stage of the overall marketing campaign - common wisdom is that it takes seven touches to convert a cold call into a sell.

Traffic and Lead generation are not the same.

More traffic doesn't mean more leads. You may attract a plentiful of visitors to your website while running a solid social media campaign. Still, suppose you are not coordinate with key messages within helpful content to inform your target audiences what you are providing, the benefits you can offer, and how people can get in touch with you. That traffic will be nothing more than invisible or redundant.


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