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Updated: May 10

English is the second popular language being loved and used on a daily basis in the working environment in Vietnam. However, more and more non-English clients find Vietnam the place to invest in, which creates a shift in some big companies' departments to use and get familiar with another language than English. However, in the training market for employees, there are barely any programs providing training in the form of non-English and Vietnamese versions, not until VSHR.

About training 4.0, the programs provide the learner with the skill set that is essential yet practical in the digital era, in terms of:

  • Customer Experience Management (CX 4.0)

  • Leadership Training (Leadership 4.0)

  • Sales Training (Salesforce 4.0)

  • Digital Marketing Training (DM.40)

  • Digital Business Strategy

  • IT Leadership and strategy

  • Recruitment and Employer Branding

  • Digital Transformation (DX 4.0)

  • Digital Workspace

  • Manager 4.0

  • Employ Experience (EX 4.0)

  • Strategic Thinking and Communication

  • Recruitment and Interview Skill 4.0

  • Business Writing

Stay tuned for VSHR further updates about our training 4.0 in Korean, Japanese, and French versions.

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