Two formulas to achieve more success and happiness by John Masud Parvez

Do you wanna become happy?

Do you wanna become successful in achieving your goals?

Then I have a little two formula that I use for myself regularly, and today I will share it with you.

Formula 1: Do what you FEAR! Every time you want to do something, and you feel FEAR, just DO IT. For me, the true meaning of Fear is


What you are feeling, is not real. So Just do it.

Formula 2: Focus on improvement loop. When you start something you will feel anyone of these two.

  • 1. You will think it's easy,

  • 2. You will think it's difficult.

None of them is actually right. Almost all the time your estimation will be grossly vague and incorrect. So You will do that, and you will fail. Learn from that failure, and you will do that. If fail, do that again. Don't look for hacks and shortcuts. Those do not exist. So now just a matter of time, you will succeed.

All the best, Let's get started.

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