Types of training necessary in 2022 (Part 1): Training about corporate mental health.

You are a HR manager or a professional trainer. Every year, you have to make plan what you will train your employees which is in accordance with the trend and situation of that year. Now, after nearly 2 months of the year 2022, we will suggest 3 types of training that can benefit your employees and your company.

Part 1: Corporate mental health training

The corporate training industry has made progress in identifying the impact of mental health difficulties on employees’ ability to work during the last decade or so. However, the uncertainty of economic, sociological, and operational changes, such as the current pandemic crisis and its resulting changes in the nature of employment, exacerbates these issues. Mental health issues are unseen: they are less visible than physical injuries or illnesses, and they are frequently disregarded by managers and company leaders.

Furthermore, mental health issues have a negative impact on productivity and come at a high cost to both businesses and individuals. The World Health Organization estimates that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year. That means, in addition to keep the employees healthy and engaged, implementing a mental health training program can help your company avoid lost productivity.

So how to implement a corporate mental health training?

Corporate mental health training should inform employees about common conditions, minimize stigma, and teach employees how to recognize indicators of mental illness in themselves and their coworkers. Given the wide range of mental health and sickness, focusing on specific illnesses linked to stress and burnout, such as depression and anxiety, may be more beneficial. This mental health training should be accompanied by resilience training, which focuses on equipping staff with the abilities to recognize when they are suffering stress or burnout and then act to reduce it.

First, decide whether to train the entire company or just a small group. Keep in mind that, while this type of training can benefit every employee, it’s especially more beneficial for people who interact with the public or provide care, such as healthcare professionals, social workers, teachers and HR managers.

Then, decide whether in-house or external training is more appropriate for your company. In most circumstances, the latter is better, as it is rare that someone qualified to build and oversee a mental health training program already exists in your company.


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