Types of Training necessary in 2022 (part 3): Training about cybersecurity

Updated: Mar 20

The concept of cybersecurity is more important than ever in our increasingly digital society. While the majority of companies (69 percent) provide some form of security awareness training, the threats of data breaches, security breaches, ransom attacks, and phishing scams are higher than ever.

For example, Software Advice conducted a study in August and discovered that 40% of respondents had experienced an account takeover (i.e., someone gaining access to their account using a stolen username and password) in the previous 12 months. In addition, over half of respondents (48%) say their company has had a data breach in the last year.

It is important to plan how often your employees receive cybersecurity training. Small businesses without the resources to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, as well as government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations, are especially vulnerable to security breaches; if your company falls into one of these categories, more frequent training may be required. We also suggest delivering refresher training once a quarter or biannually because cyber-security risks are continually developing.

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