University of Medicine and Pharmacy students in HCMC are most attentive on Genius Upskill program

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Most Application from University of Medicine and Pharmacy for Genius Upskill program
Talented UMP Students showed their color!

[Genius Upskill Program Scholarship Update] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are delighted to receive such a large amount of applicants for our genius upskill program. Those bright faces which wanted to learn to be better and make a difference in to the community. So now questions where those bright faces came from?

We are glad to share you that through our this post:

45.5% Applications came from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City. It shows, it's one of the most prestigious medical university at Vietnam and the students are willing to be ready to be the - Next Generation medical professionals.

11% Application came from School of Medicine at Vietnam National University. It's a new medicine school but students are progressing and eager to develop themselves. Large number of student from this school also participated at VSHR.

Application Statistics for Genius Upskill Program 2018
Genius Upskill Program Application Statistics

46% applicants came from other universities and that also shows that young generation are interested about health, willing to learn to develop their skills and share those for social impacts.

Big hand for each and every applicants of Genius Upskill program.

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