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Vietnam's economy is expanding and Job market update is really important information for any HR professional, founder, the hiring manager to plan and execute how to make HR strategy and execute effectively.

If you are hiring, what kind of hiring strategy can you build!

If you are looking for a job, right now the market industry will help you know which industries you're gonna get the most number of competitors!

Let's get started!

In the IT industry, the good news is the work position has increased from nearly 1000 to more than 1170 positions this period. Besides that, the Software industry has more than 80 work positions increased from 8th April.

At the second highest group, we got Retail, Marketing & Ads. Finance, Banking and Insurance would be the third stand out group in the industry.

Regarding Internet IT and Software, the open positions increased gradually. In this industry, businesses focus on hiring entry, associate and middle-senior in which the number of candidates needed for middle-senior is the highest.

In general, banking and insurance are both on a downward trend. However, there is a slight increase in open positions in the Finance industry. Moreover, they need more staff at the associate and middle-senior levels.

Commercial, construction and real estate have had a downward trend too. Besides that, their open positions were less than 40 and focused more on entry-level in Commercial Real Estate and Associate-level in Real Estate.

The F&B industry has climbed to more than 100 work positions after reducing which needs more staff at the associate level. Otherwise, the number of work positions in Food Production was lower than 50 positions.

In the last group, the Retail that has occupied more than 220 positions was still the highest and they are in need of Middle-senior. While Fashion and Consumer Electronics have a downward trend, consumer goods have gone up to 80 work positions.

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