Vietnam Job Market Update - Week 2 of August, 2022 | VSHR Pro Academy

This week, the total open positions in the technology industry were less than 1150. Banking had a big increase when it reached nearly 190 positions. Finance, Marketing & Ads seeked for more than 130 positions. F&B opened lower than 120 positions.

There was a downward trend for both IT and Software. IT went down 521 to 500 positions. Software dropped straight from 451 to 354. However, the Internet increased from 266 to 293 positions.

The business focused on different positions this week. The IT industry focused on Entry and Associate level. Software seeked staff at Entry and Middle-senior level. Internet focused on Associate and Middle-senior level.

The second group, while Banking and Insurance had an upward change, Finance had a slight decrease. Banking went up from 146 to 179 positions, Insurance rose to 86. However, Finance made out 137 positions.

The whole industry seeked for Associate level. But while Banking and Insurance need more Entry, Finance focused on Middle-Senior.

There was a downward trend in the whole industry. Real Estate dropped from 73 to 60 positions, Commercial real estate declined 16 positions and made out 17. The lowest data was made by Construction and reached 5 positions.

This week, while Construction did not need much staff, Real Estate focused on seeking Entry and Associate level, Commercial Real Estate found staff at Associate and Middle- Senior level.

Both F&B and Food Production had a downward trend. F&B declined 13 positions and made 119 and Food Production dropped from 56 to 14. Both industries focus on recruiting at associate level and middle-senior level.

There was a decrease from Retail and Consumer Electronics, Fashion had a slight increase and made out 25 positions. Consumer Goods grew sharply from 65 to 91. Moreover, the first place in the chart is Retail which decreased from 110 to 83 positions. Consumer Electronics dropped 13 positions and reached 17.

This week, each industry focused on different levels of staff.

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