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Vietnam Job Market Update report by VSHR Pro Academy is continuing to update for our audiences!

Last week we discovered the dramatical change of different industries. So now we move on the latest data in the second week, it will help you to make the right decision or strategy for the recruitment planning and also interview process.

So let’s get started and we will discover together!

The technology industry still was the highest group in the market. The second highest place was Retail, Finance and Banking.

Firstly, as the highest group, IT has grown sharply from under 1086 to 1331 positions. Besides that, the data on the Internet has increased too from 656 to 663. And Software has just reduced 3 open positions since last week.

In the new month, the business needs staff of middle-seniors which are 977 in IT, 927 in Software and 487 in Internet.

Banking, Finance and Insurance have an upward trend in the second week. Banking has increased dramatically from 138 to 223 positions. Besides that, Insurance has climbed from 54 to 92 positions, and Finance has grown slightly from 169 to 202.

In the new month, Finance and Banking need more staff at the Middle-senior, Insurance is seeking candidates at Associate.

Commercial real estate, construction and real estate all have had a different change this week. Commercial real estate has gone up from 22 to 38 positions and Real estate has increased from 39 to 53. However the Construction industry has reduced 4 positions since last week.

Moreover, they still focus on entry level in Commercial real estate and Real estate, middle-senior in Construction.

The F&B and Food Production has an upward trend this week. Food production has grown sharply from 35 to 51 positions. Moreover, the F&B gone up from 93 to 99 positions.

Both industries still focus on recruiting at the middle-senior level.

In the last group, the Consumer goods, Fashion and Retail has had an upward trend but there has been a downward trend of Consumer Electronics.

Retail has gone up from 140 to 190 and Fashion has grown 26 to 61.

While Consumer goods increased slightly from 58 to 90 positions, Consumer Electronics decreased slightly from 29 to 18.

And they need staff at Middle-senior level and Associate level this week.


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