Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020 Finale invitation card

Congratulations to Finalist teams. I am sure you are all doing great and preparing for a great final round of Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020 - The show of passion!

We were closely observing the ncov19 situation and we have decided there will be no change in terms of time and date of the final round. It will be starting on 16th Aug 12.30 PM to 6 PM. All the finalist teams should check-in by 12.15 PM on 16th Aug.

Due to the social distancing announced by Government, also after considering the health and safety of our finalist teams who are living outside HCMC - we will do the final around online. All the team, judges, organizing team members will be joining from their own place, own city.

Here are the guidelines

We will send you the link to join the final round event via email around 2 hours prior to the final round event.

Every team will gather their all team member together and join the video call together, not separately. As they will gather together, and can easily work together to present, solve problems, and build up the strategies.

The tool we will use using for this online final round event by Zoom or hangout.

The final round event will be a live stream on Vietnam's Amazing Student Facebook page for audiences.

There will be bonus points for the team having larger support watching the social media live feed and support the finalist team. Supporters will express the support by commenting on the supporting team's name, like, share, love, etc interactions on the Finale event's LIVE feed on Vietnam's amazing student FB page.

So we strongly suggest you prepare your supporter, brief them for support, and inform them to get connected with Vietnam's Amazing Student FB page by following it, so they will receive all the notifications. So bigger support you can put together for the final round, the stronger stand you will have on the final round. The team who will have the most supporter's comment on the live session will get +15 points, 2nd most will have + 8, and 3rd most will have +5 bonus point which will be included with the judge panel points. This supporters count will be taking until 4.30 PM on 16th Aug.

Your Voting progress: IMPORTANT

How is your voting going on? Keep up your voting and build up your supporters. This voting will close at 12 PM on 15th Aug 2020.

All the best, we are looking forward to seeing you at the finale !!


VNAS Organizing Team


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