Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020 - Finale preparation workshop

The selected finalist for Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020







We believe these -

🎉 Passion

🎉 Energy

🎉 Courage

🎉 Patience

🎉 Respect

These 5 always make the difference for achieving goals, solving problems or becoming successful. We have full faith in each of you that you have all of those 4 and now going to make a great difference though your project. And Yes you are, that's why you are being selected to be part of the Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020 finale round and it's called as - Show of Passion !!!

🎉 What is next?

Though this email you are being invited for a Finale preparation Webinar workshop. On this workshop we will be briefing you as following

📍Different sections of the Finale and the flow

📍How to prepare and perform well though video conference (for the teams who are not in Saigon)

📍How to score high

📍How to prepare for the final round

📍How to learn from judges?

📍How to overcome different challenges during finale?

📍How to have the positive and CAN DO attitude

📍Question and Answer

🎉 When will it happen?

12th July 2 PM - 4 PM

🎉 How to Join?

All the finalist teams are being invited though email. If you finalist team member you did not receive the email.

Contact immediately - for support.

🎉 Very important Note!

This is a MUST JOIN session for all the teams who are being selected for the finale and . If any team stays absent in this session, will be seens as under prepared, and not ready for the final round and called as disqualified for the finale.

🎉 What to prepare ?

This is an online webinar session. So you prepare a laptop which has a working camera, and get a wifi connection which is strong enough.

What these videos and discuss with your team to learn about presentation tips - Click here

🎉Start collecting your vote

📍 Details here :

📍 How these vote will convert in to your point to be include with the final round judges click here

📍Learn how to final round voting point and the scoring in the final round click here


🎉 What do you need the do now?

Hit the accept button to confirm your participation on this workshop as soon you see this! Don't know how to do that? watch this click here

🎉Any Questions?

Reply this email and ask us by

You are smart ! So what are you waiting for ? Let's get for the final round - The show of passion, and YOU should be winning !!


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