Vietnam's amazing Student 2020 provide extra 10 days for building project due to corona virus issue

Due to corona many team were requesting about additional time as they found it more challenging for their project. We also were observing the situation and unfortunately the break out was high last couple of weeks. So after considering the situation we have decided to provide additional 10 days to complete the project development round of VNAS 2020. 

Project development will be closed on 11.59 PM 10 April, 2020. 

1.How the point will be calculated for the videos?

Answer: We will look at your all 4 weeks video after 10th April. So you can take this opportunity to keep promoting your all 4 weeks video until 10 April 2020.

2. Will mentor will keep supporting us until 10 April ?

Answer: It entirely depends the relationship between you and the mentor. Mentors were committed to help you until 31 March. So you can have discussion with your mentor and request him/her to continue until 10 April. But it’s completely depends on your relationship and the willingness of the mentor. Organizers will not take part in that discussion and will not provide a new mentor as well.

3. I was taking challenges and making project even in the middle of this difficult situation. Do I have something for me?

Answer: Oh yes, your team will have +5 bonus point of you can complete the CPF pack by 31 March 2020. To get this point complete your project by 31 March and send email to to inform the organizers that you have complete the project and provide the link of your CPF Pack.

However, that time you can keep sharing your all videos in social medial with BRUTAL force and 10x your community point until 10th April as well, to knock out everyone else ! So happy project building!

4. I did not do anything, can I build the project now? Will I get any negative point?

Answer: Yes ! You can start from now one and take this 10 extra days to complete your whole project to show to evening that YOU CAN !!! You will not get any negative point as well. But as you are starting late, you have less time to share your video in social media to gain high point. How can you deal with that ? You can if you put your team all together and keep sharing maximum amount of sharing in social media, you can fight back.

5. I can’t meet people, my parents does not let me go out. How can I build my project?

Answer: You don’t need to meet anyone physically to build your project, even don’t need to meet your team physically too. You can build your project online, by using facebook, google, to interview people, do your team meeting online and make a very successful project. And Use Facebook to promote your all videos and make a high community point as well. Let’s don’t make excuse, let’s make changes !

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