"May I ask, can a video get a bonus point if its level of interaction is high?"

"Are the mentors involved in the marking process?"

"Who will the markers for our performances?". .. All of the queries about how to points are graded will be answered in this article "Criteria of Vietnam's Amazing Student 2020."

Submissions will be graded weekly, from March 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020, equivalent to 4 weeks

The presentations must include all the necessary hashtags

# Vietnamamazingstudent2020

#topic (which section did you choose to present)

_ Complete the sufficient number of tasks on time in the CPF Pack (Contestant’s Project Framework Pack

_ Ability to inspire and spread positivity via videos posted weekly (maximum 10 points / week)

_The sophistication and brilliance in completing CPF Pack and weekly video (maximum 15 points / week)

_ Demonstrate teamwork skills through the video weekly (maximum 10 points / week)

_ The interactions of the videos on Facebook consist of likes, reacts, shares. (up to 30 points /per week)

📍Mentors score based on group work (maximum 10 points / 4 weeks)

📍Information about our main judge of the competition: Mr. John Masud Parvez -


Therefore, the maximum points for each group will be 75 points weekly, and 310 points equivalent to 4 weeks. Please remember to look after your “baby child” and nurture it to join our Final Round !

Grading criteria: https://www.amazingstudent.org/firstround-scoring.html

One more tiny thing is that the competition is still happening, for more information click the links in the description part below


Vietnam’s Amazing Student Competition 2020

_ Application submission time: until February 20, 2020

_ Link to register for the contest: https://tinyurl.com/VAS2020-1

_ Rules of the rounds: https://tinyurl.com/VAS2020-1


For more information about the contest, please see at:

_ Website: https://www.amazingstudent.org/

_ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/vietnamamazingstudent/


# VAS2020 # Vietnamsamazingstudent2020

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