What are you looking forward this summer? An extraordinary oversea holiday? Or days of relaxing and chilling at home? If you are still wondering, why don’t stop by and let’s find out more about Euphoria Insider?

⛳“But wait, what is Euphoria Insider?

🚩Euphoria Insider is a campsite which is specially available for high school students, Euphoria Insider (EI) is an organization whose topics surround business, marketing and psychology. Through EI’s activities, we expected to provide our “euphori-ers” with a sound basis, a practical view and a step-by-step guide to start-up a project which is related to those topics above. EI is planning to include: training session, sharing session, guide, prototype, field-trips, interactive simulations and more within the campsite. We guarantee that you will have a fantastic time with us.

⛳“So when, where and what time is the Euphoria Insider?

🚩Fortunately, experiences with EI does not last for 7 or 10 hours but 7 to 10 days!!! Occurrence in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and even Ha Noi! Having made sure everyone across the country can attend the campsite, we are working on financial-aid and accommodation for those who are way far. As long as the diverse outbreak of covid-19 is happening, it’s hard for us to confirm the exact time of our campsite timeline. Updated information will be on our EI’s official fanpage.

Stay tuned ambitious Euphori-ers 🌻


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