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Updated: Jan 17, 2019

From today we will be sharing this tip series, to help and empower our contestant teams. As a part of this sharing session, we will bring up real life questions which we receive from our contestant team and their explanation, many more tips to improve your performance on the contest and your skills as well. So let's stay close to this express!

Today's Question - We have received this question: I have a question about about what we will do with the project after the registration. Beside, I've also find a lot of information about this, but I still wonder what exactly we will do. Can we organize events to spread our ideal and impact the community or everything just on the plan and the survey?

Here is our tips and answer:

Now you just go ahead and introduce your team, and then the following things will happen on first round ( 1 March - 31 March 2019).

Well done that you have done a good research on what you will be doing during the whole contest.

About your question on survey and real life or slide presentation. This is you will be doing in your first round of the contest. First round you will have 4 weeks. Let me explain you what you will be doing in 4 weeks of time during first round:

Week 1: you will do research to identify a problem, by survey or interview the people (online or offline its up to you ) in a fixed place. (Tip - pick a small place, not a large place). You will do this survey related to the major you picked during registration.

Week 2: You will design a solution which can solve the problem what you found in your first week survey/ research. (tips: Make a small solution, which works, and very cheap, and easy to implement etc)

Week 3: You implement that solution on that small location.

Week 4: You measure and announce how impactful your solution and what can be even make your solution better

During your 4 weeks, you will updated the CPF pack, and you will make 1 clips ( 2 - 7 mins) every week, to report what you do on the contest, and how you doing your things and key messages.

All clear now ? 😉

Thinking about sample idea? have a look here, there are several sample ideas are here , you can take any one of come up with similar ideas

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