Vietnam's Amazing Student (VNAS) Registration and Contestant Helpline

Hi everyone, I’m Student Ambassador for this year's contest. I am aware that there are many potential candidates looking for teammates, therefore, this post is about how your “teammate searching” post should be.

First, you introduce your name, major/grade and where you are currently living. Secondly, there are five categories for you to select from, write your preferred categories/interest so that everyone can see if they got the same interest. If not, you can just say I’m fine with any categories. Lastly, there are a few hashtags you can use for the benefits of all.

#VASfindingteammate - for finding teammates

(This national contest is open for all majors, and you don't need any medical background/knowledge as well. You just need to pick a problem which has a touch about those topics, and build your idea to project during first round )

Do you have any further queries related to the contest?

Inbox us in our Vietnam’s Amazing Student Fb page

Or post your question in VSHR Social Hub fb page, we organizers will help you

Still looking for your teammates? Post about yourself a bit and you are looking for member, in VSHR Social hub fb page, surely there are someone waiting for you there to join your team!

Thank you for reading my post, looking forward to your performance at the contest! So what are you waiting for? Register now of VNAS 2020 !! Registration Deadline is 10 Feb 2020.

#VNAS #VNAS2020 #AmazingStudent2020 #Vietnam’sAmazingStudent2020

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