Vietnam Social Health Revolution Support 250,000 people on 2019 by completed 175,000 micro tasks

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

After establishing May 2017, VSHR continues to support more Vietnamese people people by different United Nations Sustainable development initiatives. By following the United Nations SDG Goals

  • 3( Health & Wellness),

  • 4 (Quality Education)

  • 17 (Partnership for goals),

VSHR has created two eco systems one for the health and another for the Education. And during 2019 VSHR scaled up different initiatives for help more Vietnamese people.

Let’s have a look at the impact statistics

How many national Initiatives are happening?

17 Scalable Nation Level Initiatives

How many task were completed?

175,000 task completed by VSHR team and 100 office working days during the weekend of 2019.

VSHR’s initiative Supported on 2019?

250,000 Vietnamese people

VSHR initiatives supported since 2017?

500,000 Vietnamese people.

What is the Goals of 2020?

Support 450,000 Vietnamese people

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Let’s know about VSHR could constantly produce such positive impact


It's not a dream but it's our 'Vision'. ​It's not a hope but it's our 'Belief'. VSHR is working to make Vietnam Successful on United Nations SDG Goals 3(Health & Wellness), 4 (Quality Education) and 17 (Partnership for goals).


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