Virtual Reality (VR) in marketing

What is Virtual Reality (VR)

Simply speaking, Virtual Reality uses a computer-generated 3D environment to engage people.

Potential marketing influences

For any companies thinking about making the jump to virtual reality marketing, there is one vital question that must be asked first: “Do they have a clear content marketing strategy?” The next question to ask is, “Will my marketing benefit if I make my videos immersive using virtual reality technology?” With these two questions in mind, there are several ways that virtual reality might change or affect the marketing world.

1. Visual transmission: if you read any article on social media marketing, you will see visually stimulating posts, such as videos, outperform all other posts in terms of user engagement. In fact, as visual marketing continues to boom, virtual reality just be the tool that marketers turn to in an effort to attract and engage with a larger audience. Live-streamed video will continue to become popular and virtual reality will be waiting in the wings to help users achieve real-time interactions that they expect from the media they consume on a daily basis.

2. Immersion: one of the biggest selling points of virtual reality is its immersive factor, which will inevitably become a large influence on the marketing world. From interviews to tutorials and demonstrations, people will expect to be immersed within the viewing experience. And in the marketing world that is driven by increasing user engagement, immersion will become the new driving factor of a successful marketing campaign.

3. Interactivity: like its immersion factor, virtual reality offers additional opportunities for users to interact with their content. Marketers know that users want to have their voices heard, so as a direct result, they demand increasingly higher levels of interactivity from brands, content and the media that they consume everyday. Virtual reality could shape this marketing expectation by delivering the interactivity that users desire.

Source: Forbes

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