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Due to up coming industrial Revolution, many people will be impact in their employment, life style, even fresh graduation will suffer more if we dont prepare them in different way. We though about it, and we did not just seat down, we turn our thoughts/ideas to ACTIONS. TOGETHER we have started to create a HISTORY, a social MOMENT for student employment, social entrepreneurship to help Vietnamese people!!

Our total almost 150+ videos got around 350,000+ social interaction! What a mind blowing effort! You are amazing ! What you have done today, after few years you junior will look up on you ! But we are not DONE yet, we are going to take this more bigger, better, and impact up ! Actually we have just started !

We are so glad to hear those appreciating words for you. So delighted that you could those social awareness around you. Keep up the amazing project moving forward!

Like we always said, we want to be here with you, support you, guide you so you can build your own project, develop yourself, and though your project you can help people in the community!

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