Voice of Youth Finale to setup a new beginning of Development for VAA Students

Updated: May 22, 2019

19th May 2019 was the Final round of VOICE OF YOUTH contest at Vietnam Aviation academy at Ho Chi Minh. The student club Triple E made a great effort as organizing student club of the contest and it's the pleasure of Vietnam Social Health Revolution to sponsor this contest and though this to promote the development of Vietnamese youth.

The contest had multiple rounds and the final round was a full day event. There were 4 teams each having 3 members was completing for the championship. The afternoon session was started with performance of the Aviation academy students. Then John Masud Parvez Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution gave a speech on - The 5 rules to become successful in life

John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of VSHR is speaking about the 5 rules of success to the Vietnam Aviation Academy Students

John also explained why and how he implemented those for his own life, how he got benefits from those and also gave a road map for students to implement those 5 tips. The highlights of those 5 rules are:

1. Invest on right thing, Invest your time on right things

2. What you want, go all out for getting that

3. Stick to one addiction only

4. Learn from Mistakes

5. Learn health knowledge everyday and always maintain a good health

Then John joined the judge panel and after the great debate session among 4 teams, finally team NPA become champion and team Fighters become the first runner up.

Judge panel selected the 4 students who preformed really well, and VSHR provided the Genius Upskill Scholarship. Though this scholarship VSHR believe to develop them to become a social Champion. The GUP Scholarship winners are:

  • Nguyen Gia Phuc from Vietnam Aviation Academy

  • Tran Dac Minh Viet from Vietnam Aviation Academy

  • Nguyen Thi Bich Tram from Vietnam Aviation Academy

  • Trinh Thuy Ngan from Foreign Trade University

Then John also provided souvenir gifts for the President and Voice President of the Triple E Student Club for their great effort to make this contest happen. And John mentioned this

My Belief is the things which are not good, those should stop! The things which are good, those should get better. This is a contest which is good for student, so it should never stop and get always better !

The designers of the student club made a remarkable effort to design the poster of the contest. The banner of the Voice of youth contest

The school committee also honored all the judges for their contribution and support to make the contest happen. During the break period VSHR Healthcare Book team also provided tips on - "how to take care of the health?" and also played a very fun games among all the students. We also captured some great moment of the day

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