VSHR Academy provided 2.5 Billion VND valued skill development programs on 2018

It's our honor to introduce you the VSHR academy's contribution for Vietnamese skill development on 2018. VSHR academy follows the social educational model to upskill the vietnamese social workers and students, so they can be more effective and impactful.

On 2018, this academy provided scholarship, contest, skill development program, success factor, community skill sharing workshop etc. which have the total value of 2.5 Billion VND. Vietnam Social Health Revolution believe to add more values for the social development on 2019!

Moving forward this academy will be in charge of rolling out all of the skill development (internal and external) for our social development initiatives.

As a social hub member and Vietnam's Amazing Student contest you are also able to access most of those skill development program. Pay attention to the "producer eLearning" as it will help you to be successful in Vietnam's Amazing Student contest.

Here is the URL of the academy !


Let's have a look and learn the amazing knowledges which we have prepared for you!

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