VSHR: Born to bold your RED!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

It’s my naturally instinct that I really love to take and keep my photos being raw or being true as it is without any editing or fixing. I call it the “RED” photo shooting style that respect the real thing as it is.

And I apply that concept on VSHR as well, a social organization that always being true with core values and being “RED” with people from inside out!”

John Masud Parvez, Founder of Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR).

What is the meaning of RED?

In different cultures, the RED color carries different meanings, represents purity, joy, and celebration and is a traditional color worn by brides in some countries. RED is one of the top two favorite colors of all people and it is the most popular color used on flags in the world, approximately 77% of all flags include RED.

In China, RED is used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity. In Russia RED is associated with communism because in híhi, and "RED" also means beautiful.

There is myth about RED claim that it raises blood pressure and quickens heartbeat. And Yes! May the RED effects are only temporary and do not apply to everyone, but following 6 core values, including:

1. Together to help people

2. Creating skills to grow

3. Turn ideas into actions

4. Determination for results

5. Becoming better everyday

6. Focusing Sustainable Development

… at Vietnam Social Health Revolution – VSHR, RED is the color of trust, love and belief. The color RED is a warm and positive color associated with the organization’s mission and vision. It exudes a strong and powerful message via our logo and represents for Energy, Action, Desire and Passion of each and all VSHR members.

VSHR was born to RED and RED to the bone

Founded in 2017 after 4 year of researching about Vietnam health service model, VSHR is not only established with the mono color of healthcare only. In facts, we are an extremely colorful social organization that welcomes all members with different gender, nationality, belief and living styles. However, to break the barriers and connect the dots, the one and only thing that bring us together is RED: the color of HEART!

There are so many social organizations, but still, VSHR is the one in a millions that can bring out the RED inside you!


And as a RED organization, VSHR team does and contributes day by day for the development of community because we believe that everyone has potential to spread that “RED” to others! The joy of social works we have is to make people happier and healthier then ourselves can share those values too. And that is the reason why the color of VSHR logo, and other identical things since the day VSHR was born are all RED!

By creating several “RED” projects and activities for community, students, partners and others groups,… VSHR proudly committed to sustainable development and focused to reach the success of United Nation’s SDGs in future. At present, we keep moving forwards with 4 primary sectors covering various programs:





So, do you want to bold your RED? Let’s join VSHR and shine your color with us!

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