VSHR Career Center Vision to ensure career advice for all Vietnamese Students

The vision and mission of VSHR Career Center to ensure by 2030 every Vietnamese students grow up with right career advice, support to enter the Vietnamese workforce!!

VSHR Center Center is an unique support oriented career center which proactively provide support to Vietnamese students and professional for their career development. The key supports provided by the VSHR career Centers are 

  • ​Career Advises to Vietnamese Students and Professionals.

  • Provide Internship Opportunities to the Vietnamese Students

  • Provide employment opportunities to fresh graduate and professionals  

  • Connect employers to the talent pool.

During the opening session of VSHR Career Center the Academy Chairman John Masud Parvez mentioned -

I am so happy that we could establish this for helping the youth and professionals of Vietnam. I am so honored to introduce you our career Center team as well.

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