VSHR Founder's Day 2019 which presents the VSHR Birthday celebration on 2019

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12th May is the day, a remarkable thing happened. That is the day a NEW BRIEF, NEW PASSION, NEW INSPIRATION borned to HELP Vietnamese people, make Vietnam successful to achieve the United Nations SDG Goals 3 (Health), 4(Education) and 17.

Today is the day, WE all VSHR members are so delighted to grow and develop that 'Belief', 'Passion' and 'Inspiration'. VSHR members around Vietnam and overseas cordially celebrating this birthday. We also would like to share our happiness with you.


and so many other heart touching moments... due to limitation of post text, we could not share with you more. But one thing is for sure for our VSHR members

"You all the members are the true owner of VSHR, True family members, and with all together, we will help more and more Vietnamese people. We are so proud of each of you".

Let's have a quick look what we have done together on this VSHR Founder's Day 2019:

The Founder's 2019 started with the reflection of the journey and history of VSHR and how a passion turned in to a social research, then social research turned in a social organization to help the Vietnamese people.

The following section John shared his one unique secrete which he never shared to anyone else. and then Members started to share their feeling passion and how VSHR has transformed their lives.

We did and achieved many things but these are the achievements of our organization to which means to a lot, let's mention some of them -

  • When our member feel so emotional to cry about the passion and their life as a member of VSHR in our Founder's Day 2019

  • When our member could boldly say that it was his best decision so far in his life when joined the VSHR in our Founder's Day 2019

  • When we gave full scholarship to our academy scholars but after finishing the program, the scholar give money by own and by saying - "I want to give this to you, because I want you do it always and more to help more students !"

  • Those lovely messages of the members from Ha Noi, Da Nang and overseas United States and their passion sharing.....

Following to that there an exciting games was being played with all the members, named - Founder's Love Challenge. The games is a very exciting and very funny way to determine who loves most VSHR as the that and that was being presented to all as an fun challenge to win. The top two score had special gifts. Nancy from VSHR Academy won the first prize, Duy from Vietnam's Amazing Student team who the 2nd prize of this fun challenge.

Other top scores members also received the VSHR core value note book, which presents all the core values of VSHR. Let's have a look at those moments

Following to that It was an amazing warm party of VSHR birthday with cake, food, drinks and members enjoyed their warm time spend together and reflected the last year memories.

Wanna be part of us ? Join us !


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