VSHR Handshake with International Cooperation Consultant Co. LTD

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Dear Student, Though Vietnam's Amazing Student contest, VSHR is here to support you so you can develop your own project. So you can make your project successful, which help you to become successful in career and also your project can help the Vietnamese people. So what VSHR get from it ? VSHR get the happiness to see you become successful, and you could successfully help the Vietnamese people.

VSHR is looking forward you becoming that person, and waiting to give the loudest clap, with great happiness.

It's our pleasure to have International Cooperation Consultant Co. LTD with our initiative and recently we have hosted the handshake signing ceremony. Mr. John, Founder & President of VSHR and Mr Anh Toan Nguyen, International Cooperation Consultant Co. LTD as representing the both organization and sign off the handshake in a warm ceremony.

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