VSHR is a Social Organization run by Leaders not by Managers

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Vietnam Social health revolution is our social organization where we deeply believe among our dream, vision, purpose and also in our all members. We all share the same passion, inspirational belief, direction to empower the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - 3 (Health), 4(Education) and 17 (Partnership for goals).

Every members of VSHRs are the true owner of this social organization, this is an organization where is no "NO MANAGER" but have all LEADERS. And our core values to make our initiatives moving forward are -

1. Together to help people

2. Creating skills to grow

3. Turn ideas into actions

4. Determination for results

5. Becoming better everyday

6. Focusing sustainable development

Though this video we would like to share our LOVE with you which do for our members. Wanna to be part of this inspiring journey?

Join us here


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