VSHR is closing 2018 but starting a stunning new year 2019!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Today I would like to tell you a story, a story which is not something a story which we read in comics or in a book. But I will tell you the story where a social organization turn in to a one of the most social impactful non profit organizations of an entire country.

VSHR started 2018 with it's great achievement to be successful to meet the key success KIP to support 100,000 people of 2017. That also gave the confidence to setup the target 3x compare to 2017's KIP.

On 2018 VSHR took stunning initiatives constantly over the year to bring the direct and indirect sustainable support for 150,0000 Vietnamese people. It's 50% increased social impact comparing with the previous year 2017.

How VSHR make it happen? The total member of VSHR has grown to 260 over the year and during 2018 these are two key factors made those all amazing initiatives possible

  • 100 Office working days, it's a stunning transformation of social life to a social impact life to create positive social impact done by VSHR members. So total office hours approximately (100*4*50) Hours!

  • 105,000+ micro task completion on 2018! Each of those micro tasks were integrated to the success of all major initiatives of VSHR on 2018. We dont believe there are any other social organization could achieve something even closer to this number!!And all those integrated to support 150,000 Vietnamese people on 2018 by VSHR members.

So let's learn how is that happen in each project level:

Vietnam Health Festival: This new model of health education and services provided 3000+ people direct support over the year. Over the year VSHR organizing several major and also very meaningful Vietnam Health Festival inside and outside Ho Chi Minh City.

The venues to be mentioned - TDM University, Finance and Marketing University, Maria home. Let's see how was one of them!

Vietnam's Amazing Student 2018: Every year are 3,25,000+ Students are graduating and looking for job. The local statistics also saying that last year almost 200,000 - 2,50,00 (mostly fresh graduate) are finding it really hard to get their job or remaining unemployed. So this is a major challenge.

As a response to this major problem for the Vietnamese tough problem, Vietnam Social Health Revolution Organized the season 2018 and it was a major impact for the Vietnamese youth. 100+ students registered to join this contest all over Vietnam. Finally the champion was from Pham Ngoc thach School of Medicine, runner up was from Ton Duc Thang University, 3rd Place was from Vietnam National University School of Medicine and 4th place was from Hoa Sen University. And now the season 2019 register is going on, are you age at the age rage of 16 - 24? Register now here

Social Development Factory 2018: Social Development is an annual initiative of VSHR social Incubator, to connect different projects with the industry to scale them up and support the community in bigger scale.

It's an amazing initiative which is empowering United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - 3, 4 and 17. Social Development Factory's Season 2018, the participating companies are:

  • Hoan My Medical Corporation

  • Minh Hoang Medicals

  • RMIT University

  • And a Local Management Company.

All the participating companies gave their 'Yes Card' to different projects.

Genius Upskill Scholarship 2018: Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) is organizing this 'Genius Upskill program' on to scale up different social training programs to upskill the community so they will be able to take care of themselves, promote themselves and also can take care of others in the community as well. Though this scholarship program VSHR provided 60 social scholarship to Vietnamese people to turn in them in to a social champion.

This is a work integrated learning scholarship program where scholars learn and develop amazing skills inside you as trainee to -

  • Become successful in your career

  • Contribute back to the community

On 2018 Vietnam Social Health Revolution opened up this scholarship and offered three courses

  • First Aid Hero Factory - To create social first aid Trainer

  • Share for Life - To create social Nutrition advisor

  • Live and love - To create social Childcare advisor

Even though it was first time ever a community learning scholarship in Vietnam but it got a huge response from the community, three digit applicants applied for this scholarship program. Let's have a look from where those applications came from

Currently the application is already open for 2019 season. Wanna be a scholar for this scholarship? Apply now here

Impact Shaper Internship: Vietnam Social Health Revolution has created this global internship program with the vision to provide the social impact experience to global interns and volunteers. A learn number of foreign interns came to Vietnam to take this program from different highly reputed universities across the globe.

There were a large number of candidates, among the interns Ruud, Shirley and Mai Linh also won the 'Social Shaper' Award for their remarkable contribution in different social impact initiatives of Vietnam Social Health Revolution.

Healthcare Book: On 2018 Healthcare book project moved to another level with much more strong team, quality articles bring brought significant amount of social impacts to the Vietnamese people. Over the year 2018, Healthcare book posted 100 health awareness articles which has 105,000 health awareness words. Over the year the total reader increased to 15,000. Healthcare book also won the 'Yes Card' at the Social Development Factory from Hoan my Medical Corporation.

Career Success, Medx, TEDx, VSHRx: To inspire, connect and support the Vietnamese youth, Vietnam Social Health Revolution Organized different career success workshops to different Universities all over the year. On those workshop VSHR trained the students on different skills such as - Project Management, problem solving, presentation skills etc. Total 15,000+ Vietnamese students got the career support from this program.

VSHR Scholarship Program: VSHR always believe that investing on the member is the most valuable investment. So VSHR is continuously running skill development programs to up skill each members of VSHR.

The objective of VSHR Scholarship program is to facilitate  great contributing members and turn them in to super member! So they can be successful in their career and create greater social impacts in their social life! With this program VSHR provided a large amount of scholarships to successful members.

TEDx and VSHRx: VSHR also wanted to make it clear among youth of Vietnam

  • Who are true social workers

  • What it feels like to be a social worker

  • What are the benefits of a social worker

  • Why Vietnam needs true social work

To answer those question Vietnam Social Health Revolution organized series of TEDX, VSHRx events across universities and different venues, which had created a sparkling impact among the youth community. Over the year VSHR provided a large number of skill development scholarships to those highly social impactful people.

Vietnam Social Impact News: 'The Social News' is an outstanding initiative opened by 'Vietnam Social Health Revolution' (VSHR).

The purpose of 'The Social News' is to

  • Share different sustainable development initiatives to the community

  • Connect and support different development initiatives

  • Inspire on going and create new development initiatives​

In just 2 months of time there are now around 70+ news articles on social impacts in Vietnamese society.

VSHR Founder's and Members Day: Over the year VSHR organized different skill development program, success factor, Founders day, VSHR Supershot events to connect and inspire the members. Those initiatives will keep moving forward to the next year as well.

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