VSHR is reinventing the Social work for good

The approach, values and sustainability is the key of any initiative. When I was a young student I joined social work groups and did social work but I did not like it because I only found that is a lot of physical work but the impact we make just blows away in even few hours. We were giving food they are hungry again in couple of hours, we give them cloths, they think they don't need to learn, grow and work hard to earn cloths anymore etc. Then I always wanted to create an something

Which will be strategic, tactical, sustainable , goal driven and run by professionals who has the skillset, mindset to grow them self, make a better. And I am happy that after years after year living with that thoughts in my mind with the thinking that I want to do something for mass people, for huge amount of people.

Finally I was bold enough and decided to leave my Tech PhD study and started the social research on health eco system. Run that research for 4 years and founded the social organization - Vietnam social Health Revolution (VSHR) with the 6 core values

  • Help

  • Sustain

  • Grow Skillset

  • Become Better Human Everyday

  • Turn idea to Action

  • Result.

Combination of 6 core values create someone a life called VSHR life. VSHR life is an unique life where you build your amazing skillset for yourself by creating sustainable development positive impacts for community. As you do it with high passion and motivation, so it create amazing skillset inside someone's life which can make someone very successful in career life, family life and social life.

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