VSHR is sponsoring the 'Voice of Youth' contest at Vietnam Aviation Academy, Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Social Health Revolution was been created from based on a social research which was conducted all over Vietnam for 4 years. There were a numbers of issues or problems were highlighted, and now VSHR is working on those problems by running different sustainable and salable projects. VSHR is working on to make Vietnam Success on United Nation’s SDG – 3 (Health), 4 (Education) and 17. 

To make that happen VSHR has established a social academy. 21st April 2019, was the graduation day of VSHR Academy's Genius Upskill Program. Through this graduation total 35 scholars were graduated for season 2018. The purpose of VSHR Academy is to create social champion to help the Vietnamese people.

We are making positive impacts and also constantly expanding our positive impacts. To know more or apply for scholarship, please have a look


VSHR Social Academy also organize contest named - Vientam's Amazing Student. It's annual contest which upskill student to make them more employable and also train them to develop social project to help the Vietnamese community. Vietnam's Amazing Student contest selected 30 nationwide contestant teams, they created around 150 video and got around 350,000 social interaction in 1 month of time !

Beside that, VSHR supports regularly a large amount of Student contests. And the latest edition of the is VSHR is also sponsoring one more contest named - The voice of youth! This contest is hosted at the Vietnam Aviation Academy at Ho Chi Minh.

The Founder and President of VSHR said -

If you are organizing any contest and your purpose is to help Vietnamese people, contact VSHR. VSHR will always support you!

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