VSHR is the most meaningful social organization of Vietnam

This was been a year ago when I mentioned after the Vietnam Health Festival at FPT University - VSHR is going to be the MOST MEANINGFUL organization of Vietnam! I said that from my belief.

And now it was Vietnam Health Festival at University of Finance and Marketing - Every member stayed in hot weather almost all day, provided support to 500+ students, without being any tiredness, with a big smile in face, rode so far location at District 9! I will remember that dinner after that health festival really long time! How amazing moment it was !

Ya, VSHR is truly the MOST MEANINGFUL organization of Vietnam now!!

An organization where members learn everyday to be better than yesterday ! Get amazing test of being part of social impact projects.

Well done VSHR Members ! YOU ARE AMAZING !

NB: Like every organizations some member left due to job, personal reason, oversea study but they left with an amazing test of being part of amazing social impact projects, got skillset which made them better than their colleagues, friends.

:) Personally I am very happy for them and will always welcome them back if they have time and interest to contribute more at VSHR.

Well if you ask me then - my job requires me to work almost all the time. But I never use that an excuse to contribute for VSHR and I promise I will never as well

:) I contribute my best efforts for VSHR because I LOVE TO DO IT

I believe, each of you do the same as well!

See you soon!

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