VSHR Life Handshake Project for improving companies, corporation, factory staffs

VSHR has a unique initiative named VSHR Life Handshake Project. VSHR Life Handshake project is an initiative, which helps the privilege community (educated, officer, professionals) and by doing that raise fund to help the unprivileged community (orphanages, students etc.)

The Founder and President of VSHR, John Masud Parvez Said about this initiative

VSHR life handshake project is a bridge between privileged and unprivileged community. VSHR life Handshake Project is an unique opportunity for you to contribute for the unprivileged community by just making yourself and your staffs healthy.

All the medical advisors of this initiative are working for social causes.

So 50% - 100% of the service fees which we receive though this project goes for the VSHR life Spirit fund tO help unprivileged community

VSHR has around 120+ medical professionals which is capable to provide any type of Health and Wellness advisory session and support.

This enables the VSHR life Handshake Project a very wide range of  health and wellness educational service for companies, corporations, privileged community . In term of providing health and wellness educational services it can really long list but the popular topics are following

  • First Aid Training Program (Burn, CRP, Fracture, Drawn) 

  • Nutrition Training Program (Making correct food menu for yourself and your family)

  • Healthy eating habits 

  • Exercise during working days to stay fitHow to take proper healthcare for children

  • How to take proper care of Skin / to Preventing skin diseases 

  • How to avoid getting sick

  • Healthy life Style

  • Stress and workload Management 

Based on the needs of the companies VSHR Life Handshake Project provide workshops for companies, corporation staffs and even factory works. Basic level it could be a workshop for 2 - 3 hours, for deep dive can be 2 - 3 sessions. One on one advisory session we also be provided for some topics like - skin care, stress management etc.

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