VSHR Lives in our Heart, Passion, Actions and vision! We dont live on VSHR!

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Though VSHR, the founder of VSHR John Masud Parvez established an another new NPO model during last 3 years of time, which is called as - Social Revolution Model.

The key differences between VSHR's Social Revolution model and other two NPO models are , in other models have their staffs who actually live on on those model. Means they get paid, have salary. Even it's also a common concern about many non profit international organizations that staffs of those NPOs are even flying non business class, but source of all those money are the grants, donations from normal people.

VSHR has no staffs because VSHR only havs 260+ members now and it's always growing everyday.

Active members are the true owner of VSHR.

Every members of VSHR has their own career, job, which earns their livings. During weekdays Monday to Friday all the members does their career work but still always in touch though the online work space with teams to take the positive impact initiatives moving forward. Saturday and Sunday, the social life has transformed for the members to an outstanding social impactful life for helping the Vietnamese people to empower SDGs achievement.

Here VSHR members does not just depends on grants but actually constantly working on to do fund raising project, provide services, sharing skills to industry to raise the fund for the organization.

That's why VSHR members proudly say this -

VSHR Lives in our Heart, Passion, actions and vision! We have that big heart to carry this mission for Vietnam and Vietnamese people.
We dont live on VSHR!

There are tons of big heart stories we can share you though about VSHR member's passion, energy, and dedication for helping Vietnamese people and also develop themself. We would like to share you this quick message which was sent by a VSHR members, and it will illustrate, how happy they that person is even though due to lack of lose a bit earning.

Incredible Passion of VSHR member

The reason was that can help more Vietnamese people and also has more time for personal skill development though social impacts!

John was explaining the impact, structure and how effective is this model now and how much more effective it will in up coming future at international design summit which was held at TIME SQUARE Ho Chi Minh.

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