VSHR Medical Mentor Program

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

VSHR Medical Mentor

You are a medical professional, but how are you preparing to develop your profile, skills and also medical relations with young medical professionals?

"Medical Mentor" is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your skills - public speaking, consulting, medical relations.

Are you a doctor, Nutritionist, Pediatric specialist, Pharmacist? Join our Medical Mentor program on this link! www.health-revolution.org/medical-mentor.html

As Medical Mentor, you will be Sharing your knowledge and experience at Genius Upskill program, Medx etc.

To know more about Genius Upskill Program, please visit www.health-revolution.org/training

To know about Medx program, please visit. www.medx.cf

Not a medical professionals, want to be a mentor? Then be our Impact Mentor ! Submit your profile here www.health-revolution.org/impact-mentorship

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