VSHR Organized a meaningful Health Festival for Tam Binh Orphan village's 190 kids

Health Festival Fullmoon Love for Kids has been officially closed for 3 days - after 1 month of preparation, but the feelings and happiness of each of us who have participated are forever.

In order to have a successful and meaningful program for the children at Tam Binh orphan village, VSHR would like to send our sincere thanks to Tam Huu Dung company, Song Toi Gian Group and other sponsors who have accompanied and joined hands with the VSHR team to implement this program.

Through the program, VSHR donated to the children not only the material of moon cake, lanterns, diapers, powder milk, books, cash but also useful knowledge about the topic of sex education for teenagers.The fundraise and expenses for this program VSHR would like to inform everyone via the attached image below.

In addition, the Teambuilding program also connected everyone in the VSHR organization, facilitate people to relax, get more positive energy to work and will create more meaningful programs together for the community, for society, with the mission of helping and developing the Vietnam people.

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