VSHR People Development Scholarship Update

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

[Future C Level/Director/Manager Selection Update]

The VSHR Future C Level/Director/Manager scholarship program has been establish to create better industry culture for Vietnam and also provide a practical support to help the industry professionals to reach to their career goals.

Now some of the people may raise the question being a social organization why VSHR care about this problem? Here is why -

In our human life the biggest portion of our life we spend in sleeping, and the 2nd biggest portion we spend time at work. So the culture, environment has a big impact in our mental, physical health. That's why VSHR care about this!

For season 2019 VSHR will select around 10 - 15 candidate for this 1 year people development program. After opening the application in one weeks so far we have received 20+ very qualified applications. Application is still open but to be time efficient, Now the interview board is performing the interview sessions for the session. Almost 5 slots are being taken by the selected candidates.

We are glad to share Some great applicants of last weekend, for our Future C level, Director and Manager Program during our interview process.

Applicant's Target: Director and Manager Level.

You have not applied yet? Please visit and apply SOON for this people development scholarship program.


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