VSHR Pro Academy internship is the perfect place to start your future. You will meet people from all around the world, work with leaders who are experts in their fields, and most importantly, develop transferable skills that will help both professionally and personally.

1. Time Management

Time management is the single most crucial skill that one must master to achieve great things professionally or personally. If you can manage your time wisely, you will be able to do more things. An internship here at VSHR will hone your time management skills. You will be exposed to various tasks that will allow you to always use your time management skills.

2. Communication skills

Here at VSHR, we believe that improving your communication skill is the key to also boosting your confidence. As an intern, you are required to communicate with your coaches or other students constantly. Here at VSHR Pro Academy, you will be trained to ask questions, give feedback, and receive feedback. You will be exposed to various types of communication such as in-person communication, virtual communication, and communication via social media and other online platforms.

3. Leadership skills

As an intern, we encourage you to take the initiative and go outside your comfort zone. As an intern, you will learn the essential aspects of being a leader. You will be exposed to different leadership skills by working with leaders passionate about transforming students into a leader that their community needs.

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