VSHR PRO ACADEMY: RPO Service And How It Can Manage Your Recruitment Concerns?

Since 2015, the demand for high quality workforce has risen rapidly in Vietnam due to a considerable increase in the amount of new enterprises. Thus, the question “How to recruit talented employees that meet our requirements?” is a hot potato for most HR professionals.

Two trends of recruiting in Vietnam

Because of the high standard of work, most HR professionalists have the intention of choosing outsourcing services to recruit talented employees, which help them save time and effort. In the current recruitment market, there are two popular outsourcing methods: collaborating with headhunting agencies, and connecting with freelancer recruiters.

Are Headhunting agencies the best ways to hire talented employees?

Headhunting agencies now play an essential role in supporting HR dept to find and hire top talents for the company. This method helps you speed up the hiring process despite having a massive amount of vacancies or urgent positions. The headhunters already have a vast talent network and they are experienced enough to assess the candidates carefully, so you needn’t worry about the quality of candidates.

However, the headhunting cost can be excessively high as the average percentage fee is 20-25%, though it can range from as low as 15% to as high as 40% or more, depending on the firm the headhunter works with and the type of job position being filled. Furthermore, collaborating with headhunters makes it more challenging for you to build your employer brand when the candidates work with the headhunters most of the time.

Or are freelancer recruiters a better choice?

On the contrary, freelancer recruiters may be a better idea if your budget is not comparatively ideal since you can save your recruiting cost with no responsibility of paying for benefits, like health insurance and retirement. Moreover, working with a freelance recruiter also gives much-needed flexibility and freedom for your company.

Nevertheless, the quality of these employees may not come up to your expectations since they have to multi-task among other businesses, and your company’s success is probably not their priority. Moreover, the time that you invest in training them may be wasted when you are not sure about their commitment as well.

VSHR Pro Academy Recruitment Outsourcing Process: The balance between those methods.

Understanding your two biggest concerns: tight budget and workforce quality, our RPO service steps in as a trustworthy middleman. The main points of RPO service include affordable cost, reduced recruitment time and quality talent pools, which all comes down to your company’s success:

  • Our specialized recruiters come from more than 20 international headhunt companies with solid experience in analyzing, providing tailored hiring solutions, and finding the perfect match for any companies.

  • We serve diverse sectors, from primary to quaternary and are most specialized in the IT industry.

  • We focus on active and passive talent pools, using technology platform's expert to find the most potential candidates that meet your requirements.

  • RPO Service’s main priority is our client’s success. We handle the whole process by taking charge of recruitment planning, developing strategy, searching candidates or even taking care of the candidate engagement in just a maximum of 30 days, at an affordable price. Most importantly, we understand that not only is the initial hiring process difficult, the management of candidates and their onboarding programs are also complicated. We assure to make your work easier for you to be fully focused on your business by providing side services as mentioned above.

Be an expert in your field by focusing on what you have always been doing, we will take care of the rest.

Contact us for support or working with us: Le.tran@health-revolution.org

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