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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

One of our VSHR Pro Academy primary services are Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for companies, businesses, and corporations. What it offers and what our competitive edges are in providing this kind of service will be covered in this article. Let's first get to know its definition.

What is RPO?

RPO is a process where a company transfer a part or all of its recruitment to an external party. An RPO provider acts as an extension of the company's HR function, providing them with holistic hiring approach.

Why RPO?

The overview of the current hiring environment is complicated in a sense of a tight labor market. RPO providers are basically experts in the talent acquisition field, they stay connected to the current recruitment trend and technology, which is why they meet hiring demands, even difficult ones, from their client.

About VSHR Pro Academy's RPO Service:

Our RPO service is different from traditional or other talent acquisition services in the sense that we cover all levels of recruitment needs (not executive search), manage end to end process for clients (sourcing, shortlisting, following up, closing) with a on-demand monthly subscription model. Most importantly, the service is cost-effective.

The RPO service that we provide is suitable for companies who are in need for fast expansion, new business incubation, or companies who don't require a permanent recruiter position on the ground.

We do that by utilizing our key strengths. Particularly, we have experienced recruiters with more than 5 years experience in top recruitment firms. With their intensive industry knowledge, our recruiters understand business models, industries and talents characteristics. We also know where to source the right candidates most effectively.

Essentially, you need zero effort to invest while working with us on RPO. It's real. Our team only introduces the best fit candidates, and arranges the interviews for you. In terms of track record, VSHR's clients has successfully onboarded candidates after interviewing 2 shortlisted applicants. We made another record of recruiting manager positions in less than 1 month.

As a company's partner for talent acquisition, VSHR Pro Academy RPO team can consult the best practice in terms of efficient process and employer branding for your talent acquisition process. Around 3 - 4 CVs in a week will be what we promise to you when using RPO service.

For further information on our RPO service, please visit: https://www.health-revolution.org/rpo.html


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