VSHR Pro Academy Team Party with lucky money to boost our energy for the new year

In VSHR Pro Academy, our Core values are

  • Teamwork

  • Learning everyday

  • Turn Idea to action

  • Result Oriented

  • Better Human

  • System and Process Oriented

You can see everything we start with teamwork. The way to spend time for our team members, care about our team, help our team members to develop, spend time with our team defines what we are. Yesterday was our team party for welcoming the new year 2022. We had a lot of fun, played games, got prizes and also a lot of incredible sharing.

Through this post, we would like to share with you some moments of our team party. We also highly suggest, to rethink as your success starts with your team, so spend time with your, express your care by though true action. Your company's sustainable success starts by building a great company culture.

Wanna know, how are we working? or wanna see different career opportunities we have in VSHR Pro Academy? Visit us here

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