VSHR's Handshake with Oakwood Apartments Ho Chi Minh City

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Vietnam Social Health Revolution is working to make Vietnam Successful achieving in United National Sustainable Development (SDG) Goals

  • 3 (Healthcare)

  • 4 (Quality Education)

  • 17 (Partnership for Goals)

What does that mean? It means by 2030 every Vietnamese people should have a quality health and education. On that journey, last 2 year VSHR brought the support to 250,000 Vietnamese people and also everyday working to bring positive impacts to more people, and aiming to bring for 93,000,000 plus people by 2030. That is vision and mission VSHR Is working on.

After setting that meaningful mission, VSHR is working everyday to spend the capability and scale up it's positive impact. And that's why also empowering t the SDG 17 (Partnership for Goals).

We are glad to announce the handshake between VSHR and Oakwood Apartments Ho Chi Minh City. Though this handshake Oakwood Apartments Ho Chi Minh City facilities will be VSHR's 2nd working hub for moving forward the UN SDG 3 (Health) and SDG 4(Quality Education) for Vietnamese people. It's our pleasure to have Oakwood Apartments Ho Chi Minh City and it's team with our initiatives.

As VSHR members are expanding everyday in number, a larger and more working hubs are being planed. So this handshake will be facilitating this session.

Recently a handshake signing ceremony took place to sign off the handshake between VSHR and Oakwood Apartments Ho Chi Minh City. On behalf of VSHR, John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of VSHR, and on behalf of Oakwood Apartments Ho Chi Minh City, Mr Miquel A.P. Martorell, General Manager signed off this handshake. So by this we setup another example of SDG 17.

If you are also out there, and want to do something for helping people, solving social problem, contact us anytime. It will be our pleasure to have you with us! Why? Because we believe on this

When want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go together.
Together we want to make this mission successful for greater good, and we want to share the credit with you as well.
Join our side!


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